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Eco houses

Always design something by considering it in its large context - a chair in room, a room in a house, a house in an environment: plan for the next generation...because it’s time.

Cost effective houses

Built with durable, lasting materials to withstand the weather conditions of the Bruce Peninsula. Quality at its best.  

Find peace in nature

Now you can live the life you have always wanted - in the gracious beauty of the Bruce Peninsula.  

North Green Living: Our Philosophy

North Green Living is a full-service company based in Lion’s Head, Ontario, on the North Bruce Peninsula. We specialize in new custom home construction, with a focus on the environment: both the environment that is our planet, as well as the environment within your home. We will discuss with you the many options for going green. It’s up to you (and your budget) which of these options you will choose for your dream home.
At North Green Living, we believe that the strongest foundation for any project is built on four principles: Passion, Function, Protection and Beauty.


•    George Benes, founder and owner of North Green Living, built the majority of the model home by himself. This “labour of love” allowed him the experience and understanding of each and every step of the building process, and the coordination required to organize the many trades people involved.
•    This experience puts North Green Living into an exclusive category of builders who truly understand the details of the home-building process

•    No project is too small or too large. With a team of registered qualified builders, designers, and managers, North Green Living creates innovative spaces for everyday function and eco living
•    Each floor plan and project is custom-designed or customized to fulfill each individual client need

•    We are committed to protecting the environment and practice sustainable design and building methods
•    Our projects are up to 30% more energy-efficient! This is good for all of us. And our concern for the home environment is good for you

•    North Green Living and its model home are located on the North Bruce Peninsula, perched atop the Niagara doesn’t get any more beautiful than that!
•    Choose one of our lots to purchase, work with an experienced realtor, or build on your own lot
•    Our commitment at NGL is to preserve this beauty and design within it, bringing the serenity of the outdoor, indoors.  Let us prove to you that it truly “is Better on the Bruce!”